International Exchange of Innovative Projects INN-EX

30 August 2014

August 27, the International Exchange of Innovative Projects which is a new utility for innovative project promotion was presented at Hi-Tech Park Zhiguli Valley

INN-EX is a unique web-portal designed to create effective, self-developing and self-organizing mechanism for interaction of experts, investors and innovative projects entrepreneurs.

This system allows investors to optimize the process of selection among the most ambitious projects, providing the following advantages:

  • Access to the database of innovative and commercially attractive projects come with prepared independent examination;
  • Flexible selection and filtration of the projects in various spheres;
  • Opportunity to request more information or documents about any project.

The participation in INN-EX for the innovative project entrepreneurs is a good opportunity to attract additional funding. The registration in INN-EX is open for projects on any stage of the development and regardless of the amount of investment required. Each innovative project is assigned be with a ranking, according to experts review and depending on life activity of the project on the INN-EX portal.

There are 92 regional projects already presented in the INN-EX international database.

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