Investments Potential

The city administration is consistently performing the efficient business policy which is confirmed by the attracted investment statistics. The city has a well balanced deficit free budget and stable sources of revenues.  For the purpose of creation of a favorable investment climate the city budget provides substantial funds, assistance for small businesses, guarantees for investors, new technologies and credit resources for top priority directions of the city development.


Have you decided upon set up a business in Russia? Do you consider any possibility to place a new facility in the area of city district of Togliatti?

We are glad to offer you assistance!

Please contact the Department of International and Interregional relations of Mayor’s Office of Togliatti:
Russia, Samara region, 445020, City District Togliatti, 33, Belorusskaya st., office 501, tel.:+7 8482 54-37-99, e-mail:


The Department will provide you with an invitation for one year visa which is valid for your representatives to develop a business plan for installation of a facility to visit Togliatti.


The Department will assist you with preparation of meetings with local companies, construction and recruiting agencies, municipal, regional or federal authorities in Togliatti, as well as it will provide you with interpreter /coordinator for the meetings.


If necessary, the Department will help you to book hotel and arrange a pick up from the airport of Samara.


We draw your attention to the largest city data base with private areas and municipal buildings available for placement of warehouse, manufacturing or office facility.


On your request the Department will provide you with information about different aspects of project start-ups in the city of Togliatti, structure and competence of municipal and regional authorities, as well as with the potentials and programs for investors in Togliatti etc.