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Welcome to the city of Togliatti

City of Togliatti is a large industrial and business junction of the region. About 60% of the total production output of the Samara Region is produced in the city.

Major enterprises of Russian machine building and chemical industries form the basis of the citys economy, whose products are in great demand on both the Russian and international markets.

Concentration of the Russias largest automotive and chemical plants in Togliatti allows the foreign companies to supply their equipment, raw materials and services here.

The social and economic policy of Togliatti is directed at the development of high-tech industries, thus allowing to build a high-quality production and social infrastructure, create new jobs, attract qualified personnel in the city of Togliatti, and as a result, establish new poles of competitiveness.

Aiming to create an appealing investment environment in Togliatti, a clear and distinct innovative and investment policy has been established, the main goals for operative and strategic planning have been determined for the complex development of the territory.

A comparatively high level of the residents income contributes to the active consumer demand, in its turn, making the city of Togliatti an attractive market for offering of high-quality goods and services, produced and rendered by foreign and Russian companies.

The systems of organizational and economic interaction of fundamental and applied studies, on the one hand, and an innovative and educational activity, on the other hand, are developed in the higher educational institutions of the city of Togliatti.


The local government authorities of the city district of Togliatti continuously carry out the work for creating a more investment-attractive environment in the city, making provisions for stable conditions of investment activities and growth of the city’s investment potential.

The approval of the Comprehensive Investment Plan envisaging capital investments into the municipal and regional projects, aimed at the citys development, amounting to nearly 130 billion RuR before 2020, has become an important landmark in the citys development and increase of its investment appeal.

Of this amount, approximately 40 billion RuR are the funds of different budgets, invested into the structural reconstruction of the labour market, the establishment of transport, engineering, and social infrastructure, as well as other sphere of development having difficulties in attracting the initial investments, for various reasons.


The following projects are the most capital-intensive and at the same time, the most significant from the viewpoint of prospective influence onto the citys economics:


The project for establishment of industrial-type Special Economic Zone on the territory of Stavropolsky municipal district, with the total investments amounting to over 50 billion RuR; the project is planned to be finalized in 2014.


The project fort establishment of the Hi-Tech industrial park Zhigulevskaya Dolina in the city territory of Togliatti, with 4 billion RuR of total investment amount, of which 3 billion RuR are the budget funds. The planned year of the project finalization is also 2014.

The implementation of these investment projects will allow for the inflow of investment into the citys economy, create new jobs, and make provisions to the additional tax returns into the city budget.

The following may be mentioned among the main factors of high investment appeal of the city:

Availability of convenient transport junctions: motor vehicle, railway, river (entering the sea), and aircraft;
Relatively favourable natural and climatic conditions;
Abundance of natural resources, location of the city in the immediate vicinity to the diversified agricultural and industrial region;
High production and export potential;
Good opportunities for development of recreational activities and tourist business;
Considerable potential of highly qualified labor force and engineering personnel;
Relatively high level of income of the public.


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