A group of foreign tourists arrived at the Expedition Center "Silver of the North" near Togliatti

27 February 2019

For the first time, a German travel company offered a tour to the Silver of the North Expedition Center located in the Yagodinsky Forest near Togliatti. The Center is the largest professional kennel of sled dogs in the Volga region, and is widely known both in Russia and abroad.
The Center Silver of the North provides tourist services and events since 2013. Among the most exciting events are the first sled dog races in the Samara region, and sports dog-trekking marathon (Volga Dog Trekking), and one of four Russian dog sledding races for long distances, with fans from Russia, Europe and North America (Volga Quest, 2014-2017).
Supporting by the Government of the Samara Region and the Administration of the city of Togliatti the Center Silver of the North oganized a special tour for foreign tourists.
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