Painters from Togliatti go to Scandinavia

16 January 2019

On January 17,Alexei Zuev and Igor Panov - two Togliatti famous painters go to Norway by LADA car as part of the art project "Pictures from the Lofoten Islands". The aim of the project is to create a series of artwork about the life of Norwegian fishermen and test the car in harsh conditions outside the Arctic Circle.

As part of the project, the artists will travel by car along the route Togliatti - Moscow - St. Petersburg - Finland - Kiruna (Sweden) - Lofoten Islands (Norway) and return on the same route to Togliatti on February 6, 2019. The total length of the route will be more than 7500 km.

In period of 12 days the artists plan to create 40 paintings and share with their subscribers in social networks the nature of the Polar region. As the result of their journey, Alexey Zuev and Igor Pankov are going to organize an art exhibition at one of the city's sites.

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