Raduzhka-2016 International Arts and Crafts Children’s Contest

4 February 2016

The International childrens arts and crafts contest Raduzhka2016 shall be held by Togliatti Arts museum with support rendered by the Department of culture of the mayors office of the city of Togliatti and the Museums Trustee, commercial RTS-bank in four topics:

  • Where does the Homeland begin (devoted to the 70 years anniversary of the Great Patriotic War);
  • Fairy-tale, music, ballet (dedicated to 175 years anniversary of the Russian composer Petr Ilyich Tchaikovsky);
  • The fantasy world of the Grimm brothers. (devoted to the 230 years anniversary of the story-tellers);
  • My home is planet Earth (attitude of care to Nature and people). The topic was introduced by the initiative of RTS-bank.

broken down by three age categories:

  • Junior: 4-7 years old (inclusive);
  • Middle: 8-11 years old (inclusive);
  • Senior: 12-16 years old (inclusive).

Regulations and Application Form.

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