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Department of International and Interregional Relations

Department of International and interregional relations

The purpose of the international and interregional cooperation is coordination and development of international and interregional liaisons of the city community facilitating effective implementation of social and economic development policies of Togliatti township.

Khrist Natalia Albertovna

Director, Department of International and Interregional Relations, Office of the Mayor, City of Togliatti
Phone no.: +7 (8482) 54 37 99
E-mail: uvs@tgl.ru


Togliatti is the territory open for investments 

The presence of major industrial enterprises, creative potential, fast development of the city infrastructure, as well as highly professional human resources have always facilitated an active foreign economic activity of the city businesses, as well as the international cooperation of Togliatti institutions in the spheres of education, culture, and sports.
Here is a list of following directions for foreign economic and international cooperation that are developing in the city: implementation of projects in sphere of culture and education facilitated by international organizations; involvement  of municipality into various international projects focused on municipal engineering development; within matters of municipal economy development carrying out of conferences, seminars and symposiums in Togliatti involving international experts; cooperation with sister-cities and partners.

All the actions within framework of international development programs are aimed at the promotion of the city on international level, as well as attraction of foreign investments into the economy of Togliatti.