Alliance Francaise Togliatti Events List

4 September 2014

Open Day

Open Day

September 28, Alliance Francaise Togliatti presents an Open Day. On this day, the members of the Alliance will share with you interesting facts about France, there will be also introductory lessons of romantic and charming French language. The guests will have a great opportunity to practice French with a native speaker.

АWeek of French Language Cinema

In early October, we welcome you to the nationwide festival А Week of French Language Cinema. This festival is traditionally held in cinemas of Vega Film in VegaShopping Center. The films are chosen to reflect the idea of ??French cinema. There is always a place for a little melancholy in French films because they are affecting the most complex human emotions and hard relationships. For this time, it is planned to show a few movies for children and adults also may find these movies very interesting.

Week of the French Cinema

Diabolus in Musica

Diabolus in Musica

November 3, Alliance Francaise presents a French medieval music ensemble DIABOLUS IN MUSICA from Paris for the first time in Togliatti. This show is the unique chance to hear the classic medieval music that has become the benchmark for the culture and art of the West. Antoine Guerber and the ensemble not just reviving the old French music but they discover a magical sound of Latin and ancient French for the listeners.

French Speaking Classes with Nicolas Puato

French Speaking Classes

We announce French speaking classes with an educational expert from the Embassy of France in Russia Mr. Nicolas Puato. The classes start after November 8, 2014. Additional information about the classes will be announced later.

Togliatti. Birth of the New City

The exhibition is opened from September 9 till October 19 in Schusiev State Architecture Museum (Moscow, Russia) with the support of the Mayor of the city of Togliatti, the cultural and educational NGO Alliance Francaise Togliatti and the Embassy of France in Russia, the Russian Embassy in France and the French Institute in Moscow.

Togliatti Birth of the New City

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