Russian language lessons in Hungarian school by the teachers from Togliatti

2 September 2014

From 3 to 15 September 2014, according to the cooperation program between the city of Togliatti and the sister city Nagykanizsa (Hungry) with the support of the Department of International and Interregional Relations of the City Hall of Togliatti two teachers from Togliatti visit Nagykanizsa, where they will have the opportunity to share the experience of Russian language teaching with the colleagues from school Lajos Battani.

In addition the teachers from Togliatti will attend various cultural events and learn more about the traditions in Hungry and in sister city Nagykanizsa.

After September 15, 2014 it is expected the return visit of two teachers from Nagykanizsa. Guests from Hungary can also share the experience with their colleagues in Togliatti and get acquainted with the city, its history and culture.

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