The members of INTERVOLGA International school met with the mayor of Togliatti

12 August 2014

On August 11, the delegation of foreign students from Vietnam, India, China, and the Netherlands, the members of the international summer educational project INTERVOLGA, met with the mayor of Togliatti Sergey Andreev.

In the course oа the meeting, the members of the delegation shared their impressions of Russia, in particular, about the city of Togliatti, and spoke on how important it was for them to take part in the project, study the Russian language and try to apply it in practice.

Elena Kargina, the head of the international cooperation division of Togliatti State University explained that the project of the international summer school was organized by TSU with the support of the mayors office for the purpose of making the Russian language more popular outside of Russia, and forming of a positive image of Togliatti.

INTERVOLGA, the International summer school of the Russian language and culture was open on July 28th. During that period, a tour around Togliatti was organized for the foreign guests, the students visited Bogatyrskaya Sloboda, the cities of Samara and Kazan.

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