The delegation from Saxony-Anhalt acquainted with the terms of placement in Special economic zone «Togliatti».

17 July 2014

Representatives of the Landtag (the parliament) and a number of enterprises of the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt visited Togliatti within a business mission to Samara region, where they learnt the terms of accommodation facilities in Special economic zone.

According to the chairman of economic committee of the Landtag Mr. Tilman Tegel the number of enterprises located in Saxony-Anhalt is also interested in operating business in Samara region, including Special economic zone.

Companies get completed industrial infrastructure which first etape of construction will end this year. Special economic zone provides significant tax and customs benefits for the residents, as well as administrative support through which both Russian and foreign companies will be able to pass all legally required procedures without any problems, said the head of investor relations Alena Mezina talking about available benefits to the residents of the SEZ Togliatti.

The members of the delegation were highly interested in the terms of placement in the SEZ Togliatti. As Tilman Tegel noted that in fact Saxony-Anhalt is also a type of special economic zone, and like the other members of the Landtag who cares about the welfare of their land he as well has the idea of how to make the region more attractive to investors. According to the words of the deputy, Saxony-Anhalt received some support from the European Union, which helped to attract many investors, but at the moment that support ended, and now the members of the delegation are interested in doing their activities in Russia.

In this regard, the special interest was drawn by the experience of the resident companies SEZ Togliatti, three of which were established by German investors: Limited Liability Company MANN + HUMMEL Togliatti, LLC Mubea suspension components Russ and LLC Edsha Togliatti, which is one of the first companies that will launch its production in Special economic zone afore this year. All three companies will specialize in the production of various automotive components. In particular, Edsha Togliatti is planning to produce hinges, hood, trunk, door opening restrictors, handbrake levers, etc.

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