A business mission brings together the enterprises of Yekaterinburg and Togliatti

21 November 2012

On November 19th, 2012, a delegation of Sverdlovsk region visited Togliatti for presentation of their innovative projects in the automotive sphere and for discussion of cooperation possibilities.

The head of the business mission is the Chairman of the board of Infrastructural Hub of Sverdlovsk region Maxim Godovyh. He was accompanied by a number of regional managers of entrepreneurial support structures, small and medium businesses, as well as the top managers of the innovative enterprises of Samara region.

The delegation visited Hi-Tech Park Zhiguli valley, where the possibilities of cooperation were actively discussed. The goals of both structures were very close, and according to the head of Infrastructural Hub Maxim Godovyh, the advantage of Hi-Tech Park is expressed in the approach to the creation of Parks infrastructure, complying with the European and international standards, which is not frequent to the Russian industrial parks.

It was noted that business missions are the most efficient means of promotion of innovation projects, since they encourage exchange of experience and contacts between enterprises, their potential partners and customers.

After a short tour around the facilities of the Hi-Tech Park, the delegation went for a meeting with the representatives of the city hall of Togliatti, as well as the structural divisions of AVTOVAZ, its purchasing authority, and some other potential customers of innovation products. An extensive presentation was the by the members of Sverdlovsk delegation, on their projects that AVTOVAZ may find applicable in their production and development programs.

The delegation was greeted by S. Andreev, the mayor of Togliatti, who expressed confidence that the dynamic and innovative companies of two regions will find joint application of their resources needed to attain mutually beneficial results.
Upon the end of the meeting, the business mission moved on to Samara, to continue with their work.

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