X International Creative and Educational Festival "Russian Seasons" in Togliatti

3 December 2018

December 7, a gala-concert of the 10th International Creative and Educational Festival Russian Seasons with the best youth choreographic groupsof the Samara Region will be held at the Palace of Culture, Art and Creativity (Togliatti, Yubileynaya Str, 8).

The festival is organized by the College of Technical and Art Education in the city of Togliatti.

The main theme of the Russian Seasons Festival is the organization of international cooperation in the field of professional education. This cooperation is possible only with the knowledge of the cultures, customs and traditions of the partner country to establish comprehensive contacts.

The program of the festival Russian Seasons includes choreographic and art competitions, in which creative teams of Russian educational institutions participate together in the online format with France (Lyceum Camille Claudel, Voreal) and Germany (Russian ballet school, Dresden) .

The International Creative and Educational Festival "Russian Seasons" for ten years has become an important socially significant event in the field of preserving the traditions and choreographic art, and other arts and crafts.

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