International Workshop "Branding or Ending" in the Togliatti State University

23 November 2018


November 19-21, the International Workshop "Branding or Ending", organized by the Center for Urban Development and the Center for Strategic Initiatives of the TSU with the support of the Togliatti City Administration, was held on the platform of the Togliatti State University.

The main topic of discussion at master classes, open lectures and in the established expert group was Togliatti city branding. Participants shared their views on how they see our city in the future and offered ideas for the transformation of the urban area.

The formation of a comprehensively developed urban environment through a constructive dialogue between university specialists, urban communities, government, and business with the involvement of youth projects and initiatives is a priority task of the strategic project for the University,.

The result of the joint work of experts and citizens at the workshop was a concept containing new meanings, projects, programs and activities aimed at branding the territory and creating a positive image of Togliatti for residents of the city and beyond.

The final presentation of the results of the Togliatti Rebranding workshop will be held within the framework of the Togliatti International Forum "The city of the Future2, which will be held December 6-8 at the site of the Olymp universal sports complex.

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